The Samurai Bottle Helmet “Uesugi Kenshin”

¥33,000 (incl. tax)

The warlord Uesugi Kenshin was blessed with both bravery and a talent for leading his troops. You will gain the subtle sense of the great warlord who is said to have prayed to the god Izuna Gongen depicted on his crest before battle, for victory for his entire army and for the peace of his

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Attaching the Helmet

Place the helmet over the bottle cap with the indentations inside the helmet over the sides.
サムライボトル兜 上杉謙信_正面
Form of Delivery
The helmet is shipped with a custom-made acrylic stand to display the item. It will be packed in a Paulownia box specially made by top artisans.

*For your reference: In the case of “Oda Nobunaga”.

Size: H 14cm/W 14cm/D 9cm
Material: Brass, Aluminium

Saitama Traditional Craft (Impact Saitama) Contest
Award of Excellence Furusato Meihin of the Year 2017
Hidden Masterpiece Eradication Award OMETENASHI Selection 2018